Africa business report lerato mbele sabc

This is a question on the minds of media analysts and members of the public alike in the wake of various resignations. John Perlman's resignation earlier this week has brought the recent "blacklisting" commission of inquiry back into the spotlight, while that of his AM Live co-host, Nikiwe Bikitsha, has also had tongues wagging. News has now leaked out that Jimi Matthews, the former head of TV news who was subsequently moved to the sports section after an earlier controversy, has also handed in his resignation. It is odd that people are resigning in the wake of an inconclusive issue and there is a feeling that it is somehow connected.

Africa business report lerato mbele sabc

While the thought of paging through a celebrity magazine is far more enticing than following a business report, the impact of economic matters affects us all, irrespective of social strata.

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Debashine Thangevelo caught up with Africa Business Report presenter Lerato Mbele to find out how the worlds of politics, businesses and labour unions have become inextricably linked and how the African continent is a key player in the international market, despite the impact of the recent strikes at the BMW plant in Pretoria and the shooting at the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya… PASSION and a curiosity for international affairs were the qualities that contributed to Lerato Mbele making inroads in the media world.

Seated opposite a very immaculately dressed Mbele, she, between sipping on her soda and lime, revisited her fledgling years in the industry. I was a UCT graduate. Being 21, you have great expectations; you believe you can conquer the world.

You are sheltered and a little bit deluded.

africa business report lerato mbele sabc

But Mbele, if she had her own way back then, would have preferred the life of a diplomat. All the while, though, she never relinquished her interest in international affairs.

That is what interested me. And they knew my passion and asked me to find all the stories about South Africa and make it relevant to the news agenda and fly with it. What has helped mould her views and shape different perspectives was her time spent abroad in the UK after getting a scholarship from the British government to do her masters in development economics.

She says she got to experience what it felt like to be a minority after being a majority all her life and had those blinkers come off. You have to up your game. As for her objective to make her show relevant for viewers, she explained: But they need to get it, especially after the credit crisis in and the global recession.

My own mother, who retired, lost 50 percent of her savings.

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That was my own mother. As well as enlightening viewers on fiscal matters, she pointed out that it is imperative that consumers understand how the worlds of politics and business have become symbiotic.

africa business report lerato mbele sabc

Those two worlds have come together. While looking at the ramifications of decisions taken, she also looks at the positives. These are BMWs driven all over the world that are produced in Pretoria. You could see it in Germany or New York.

We are telling the world that we produce stuff in SA actually. Expanding on the impact of the recent carnage at the Westgate Mall in Kenya, she said: Mbele says with Africa having a rich tapestry of resources, business figures and strong role models — like Maria Ramos and Nku Nyembezi-Heita, who have made the Forbes list of most powerful women in the world — these are the stories that also need to be spotlighted at this time.

And that is what makes the difference with her show and her presenting style. It covers various aspects that impact on the greater world of finance.Africa Business Report was a business news programme produced by the BBC and is shown on BBC World News. This programme was launched in as a .

Lerato Mbele is presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News television. She joined the BBC in Prior to that, Lerato served as a Senior Business Anchor for CNBC Africa.

She hosted a variety of business programes and discussions related to the economics, business strategy, stock markets, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Lerato Mbele took up her BBC portfolio on the radio last year, before landing Africa Business Report in August. Lerato Mbele's wiki: Lerato Mbele is a South African journalist and broadcaster working for the BBC. Mbele is presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News.

She used to be one of the main presenters of Newsday on the BBC World Service. Mbele is well known as a presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News. Congratulations and all the best. Tonight beneath a crimson African sunset – My life changed for ever. Lerato Mbele Presenter, Africa Business Report, BBC World News Lerato!Mbele!is!presenter!of!Africa’Business’Report!on!BBCWorld News!television.!


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