Cds in uk essay

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Cds in uk essay

The Right Information The information presented to the end-user—or in some cases, the patient—should be evidence-based, derived from a set of recognized guidelines, or based on a national performance measure.

Cds in uk essay

In the case of the year-old colonoscopy patient, an alert is generated informing the physician that the patient needs to be screened for colon cancer.

The alert is based on the performance measure NQF, which is a national measure developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

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Furthermore, this performance measure is based on a set of guidelines developed by the American Cancer Society that stipulates who, from the general population, should be screened for colon cancer on a regular basis.

The intervention, in this instance an alert, should contain only enough information for the end user to act on. If the end user is given too much information, this may induce cognitive overload and cause them to disregard the alert.

In the current example, the physician is alerted to the fact that the Cds in uk essay has Cds in uk essay family history of colon cancer and they are within the threshold—patients age —of who should be screened for colon cancer.

In instances where the physician would like to read the performance measure or the guidelines on which the alert is based, the channel EHR used to deliver the alert should make this information available via a URL or portable document format file.

As a result of the alert, the physician advises the patient to have a colonoscopy performed. Some experts recommend that healthcare organizations and practitioners who find themselves in the early stages of CDS intervention development refrain from basing interventions solely on expert opinion.

Because it may not be universally agreed upon as best practice, it may negatively influence whether an end user complies with the recommended actions forming the basis of the CDS intervention. The Right Person As healthcare becomes more of a team approach, it is important to make sure that the right information gets to the right person that can then take action.

The right person can be a nurse, physician, physical therapist, or in some cases, a significant other. In the example above, the right person is the physician who receives the alert and advises the patient to get a colonoscopy. However, it is important to note that CDS interventions can sometimes change care team roles.

For example, if the patient is resistant to advice from their physician, the information, in the form of an alert, may be best conveyed by a significant other or sibling who can use persuasion to help gain patient compliance. The important takeaway is to present information only to individuals who can take action.

A common example in the health informatics literature is one where a nurse receives an order to adjust medication dosing for a patient.

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This type of information is problematic because the nurse has no way of knowing whether the medication dosing has already been adjusted. The Right Intervention Format As previously discussed, CDS may be implemented in various formats—alerts, order sets, protocols, patient monitoring systems, and infobuttons.

Consequently, it becomes important for implementers to identify the issues and problems they are trying to solve and choose the best format to resolve the problem at hand.

Furthermore, when developing a CDS program, implementers should create an inventory of current systems to determine which CDS tools are available, which tools need to be developed in-house, and which tools need to be purchased through a vendor.

In the opening example, a practice wishes to identify patients at risk for major illnesses, and get them to adopt preventive measures. The Right Channel In healthcare, CDS interventions can be delivered through an EHR, PHR, computerized physician order entry, an app running on a smartphone, and—if necessary—in paper form via flow-sheets, forms, and labels.

In the example above, if the physician is the right person, then the EHR may be the best platform for delivering the alert.

Cds in uk essay

However, if a significant other is the right person, then the right platform may be a text messaging app running on a smartphone. The Right Time in Workflow A common problem in health information management is the desire to overlay new technology onto current clinical processes.

One negative outcome of this practice is that information may be delivered to a clinician at the wrong time, or it may not be available when it is needed.

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